Our Services

We, at Guard Fire Services provide various services related to fire safety equipments to our client’s.

Refilling & Recharging of Fire Extinguishers

An extinguisher is a device that needs to be always ready to tackle fire emergencies; one cannot tell when a fire will break in, in such scenarios there is no room for error. With time, the components of fire extinguisher get contaminated and the pressure inside drops eventually, such a fire extinguisher is useless at the time of an emergency as it will perform poorly. A partially used extinguisher is also considered useless as it will not give its 100% performance. Therefore, it is mandatory that you refill your life saving extinguishers time to time and also after every usage. You will find local vendors who conduct the process of refilling unethically at a much cheaper price. Guard Fire Services follows a strict guideline for refilling its extinguishers as we consider it unethical to risk lives of people just to make quick bucks.

  • The Extinguisher’s are discharged and emptied by our technicians (Top-ups are not practiced by us)
  • The Extinguisher’s are then dismantled completely and cleaned.
  • Extinguisher’s that are 03 years or older are subjected to Hydro Pressure Testing wherein, the extinguisher body experiences 30Kgf/cm2 to check for leakage and body durability, only the one’s passing this test are processed forward while others are rejected and returned. This process is as per the safety norms suggested by the BIS.
  • Fresh extinguishing agent of the required quantity is filled in. The extinguishing agent is of superior quality to give the best performance.
  • Damaged fittings like the valves, hoses, gauge, cartridges etc. are replaced by new quality products.
  • All the fittings & accessories are duly fitted and double checked to ensure safety.
  • The Extinguisher’s are then charged by pressurizing them with pure nitrogen gas.
  • At last, they are manually tested for leakage by inverting them in a water tub.
  • A validity sticker/tag is affixed to the extinguisher body so that our client’s are aware of their equipments’ status.
  • Process’ like re-painting & application of new stickers are carried out too on the client’s request.

Installation / Servicing / Rectification & Commissioning of All Systems

We, At Guard Fire Services have a skilled team who are capable of installing any fire systems currently available in our country. Our designing team designs the systems as per the NBC codes to avoid any difficulty in the future, while our engineering team follows the blue prints and carries out the work accordingly up to the client’s satisfaction. Our team is also capable of servicing or rectifying any new or old faulty systems. After completing the work, the system is tested, commissioned and handed over to client for smooth functioning.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

In today’s world, if one has installed a particular system, they expect it to function satisfactorily at all times, in such cases of repeated usage; system maintenance is a key factor. We provide a complete maintenance solution of your system to keep it up to your expectations all around the year. Our team along with an expert visits your system every month personally to rectify all the issue occurring in the system. After which a detailed report/summary is given to you to keep you updated of your system.

Imparting Training / General Awareness / Demonstration Program

Guard Fire Services believes that everyone must be aware of the basics to help themselves and others during a fire emergency, even with little knowledge anyone can save a valuable life and become a real life hero. To fight fire one must know about it. We must know its type, intensity and pattern with which it grows. We provide all kinds of training & demo starting from the basics to details. Below are few of the programs that we conduct.

  • General Awareness about Fire Safety:
    • Fire: Classification & Types
    • Preventive Measures & Practices
    • What to do during a fire emergency
    • First Aid
    • Understanding Fire Signage’s
    • Evacuation
  • Imparting Training & Knowing Your Systems
    • How to operate a Fire Extinguisher
    • How to operate Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems
    • How to operate Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems
  • Live Demonstration Programs
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Fire Drill: A fire emergency is created. The knowledge & response time of your employees is evaluated. Feedbacks and suggestions are given to improve their ability to respond better when there is an actual fire at your place.