Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems

Detecting a fire is not enough, if there is a fire it needs to be subsided, it is where the Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems are needed. These systems are both manual and automatic. They pump out water with high pressure which subside any fire. They are provided with systems that can be operated by any men that have undergone training. It also has provisions to let the Fire Brigade work effectively. Guard Fire Services expert team effectively designs installs and maintains these systems. Below is a description of the parts involved in the hydrant system that we install.

Control Panel

The entire system can be operated from here, it has options to even let the system operate and pressurize automatically, so one need not worry about manually keeping the systems ready.

Pumps & Engines

  • Fire Pumps: The backbone of the entire system, these devices are responsible for pumping water with high pressure through the pipeline so that they can cover a larger area.
  • Diesel Engines: During fire, electricity is cut off. Therefore the diesel engines provide the required power for the pumps to operate.

Switches & Valves

  • Switches: These automatic devices are responsible for the hassle free operation of the hydrant systems, when there is a pressure drop in the pipeline; they automatically switch on the pumps to regulate the pressure to the set limit.
  • Valves: Valves regulate the flow of water through the pipeline, they are of many types depending on their design & function. Some of them are the Hydrant Valves, Butterfly Valves, Non-Return Valves, Ball Valves, and Foot Valves etc.

Water Monitors & Nozzles

  • Water Monitor: They are manually operated fixed devices that are used to direct the high pressure water to the region under fire.
  • Nozzle: These are manually operated hand-held devices that are used to direct the high-pressure water to the region under fire. We deal with Nozzles made of Gun Metal, Stainless Steel & Aluminum.

Sprinkler Systems

These automatic systems are a sub part of the hydrant systems. A sprinkler pipe line runs through the building with a separate sprinkler pump. The main functional device is the sprinkler that has a fluid contained in a glass case which expands when the temperature exceeds a prescribed limit causing the glass case to break making way for the high pressure water to flow through the sprinkler blades and sprinkle water in its radius. The following are the types of sprinkler based on their location.

  • Pendant Sprinklers: They are fixed below the sprinkler pipe line as a pendant.
  • Upright Sprinklers: They are fixed above the sprinkler pipe line in an upright position
  • Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler – They are fixed horizontally to the sprinkler pipe line.


We deal with all kinds of spares & accessories of the Fire Hydrant & the Sprinkler Systems which are approved by the BIS & are UL Listed.