Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

fire-extinguisherWhen it comes to primary safety from fire what comes to our minds is the fire extinguisher. Fire Extinguishers are the best way to fight fire at its initial stages. Prevention is always better than cure hence these portable devices give us the best protection and prevent the fire from reaching its peak.
However, one needs to know that a fire can be caused from various sources and objects, hence using the right fire extinguisher for that particular class of fire become important. Imagine using water on a fire caused due to electrical short circuit, you may end up losing your life due to an electrical shock before the fire can do any damage to you. Below is a chart showing the various classes of fire and also the different types of fire extinguishers used to suppress that particular class of fire.

Water Based Fire Extinguishers

Water was the only extinguishing agent when there was no tech in this field. The Pioneer of Fire Fighting is the water based fire extinguishers. This range is exclusive to only the A class of fire. Water is released from the extinguisher with pressure spreading over the fire and extinguishing it. Water extinguishes the visible fire as well the fire that is igniting deep inside the flammable object which gradually raises the temperature causing more havoc than one can imagine. Hence this primary range offers sufficient protection from such fires. The higher variants of this type are provided with a trolley for easy portability. It is manufactured in cartridge type & stored pressure type.

  • Classes Covered: ‘A’
  • Capacities Available: 9 L ; 50 L

Foam Based Fire Extinguishers (AFFF)

This special range of extinguishers offers protection from fires that would probably spread on usage of water extinguishers. Suitable for the A & B class this type has a special extinguishing agent known as the AFFF (A – Triple F) which is filled inside the extinguisher and released with pressure forming foam or froth over the surface of fire cutting off the oxygen supply and extinguishing it. It is best used for fire caused by flammable liquids or oils. The higher variants of this type are provided with a trolley for easy portability. It is manufactured in cartridge type & stored pressure type.

  • Classes Covered: ‘A’ & ‘B’
  • Capacities Available: 9 L ; 50 L

CO2 Based Fire Extinguishers

The most effective of all when it comes to extinguishing a fire that is of considerably larger size, it is used where the chances of fire breaking out are very high and the situation requires a heavy duty extinguisher. However its usage is limited to only the B & C class of fire. This is a highly pressurized extinguisher containing 70 bars in a seamless steel container that is leak proof by build. The main extinguishing agent is highly pressurized CO2 gas which is expelled at the base of fire and extinguishing it by cutting off the oxygen supply. The higher variants of this type are provided with a trolley for easy portability.

DCP Powder Based Fire Extinguishers

A substitute of the CO2 type, covering the same class of fire (i.e. B & C) but due to the powder content its use is avoided in important areas like control panels as the powder can cause malfunction of the device. However due to it being cost-efficient it is used in less commercially important areas preferably outdoors. The main extinguishing agent is the Dry Chemical Powder. It is available in cartridge type & stored pressure type.

  • Classes Covered: ‘B’ & ‘C’
  • Capacities Available: 4 KG ; 6 KG ; 9 KG

ABC Powder Based Fire Extinguishers (MAP)

When there is a fire around you, the environment is chaotic. You may hardly get any time to think, and in such cases when you pick an extinguisher not suitable for the particular class of fire, it can prove fatal. That is when this particular range comes in to play.
The ABC Powder Based Fire Extinguisher is an all-rounder and can be used on almost all classes of fire (Class A, B, C & electrically caused fire). It is a pressurized cylinder consisting of Mono-Ammonium Phosphate Powder (MAP) as the main extinguishing agent. On usage, it forms a blanket over the fire due to the closely packed particles in the powder disabling or cutting off the oxygen supply from the environment. This extinguishes the fire and brings down the temperature considerably.
Depending on the percentage of MAP in the Fire Extinguisher, this category is sub-divided in to two categories:

  • MAP 50 (Medium Efficiency; Used in Commercial & Residential areas)
  • MAP 90 (High Efficiency; Used in sensitive areas)
  • Classes Covered: ‘A’,‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘Electrical’
  • Capacities Available: 2 KG, 4 KG ; 6 KG ; 9 KG

Clean Agent Based Fire Extinguishers

The most eco-friendly extinguisher available out there are the Clean Agent Based Fire Extinguishers, they contain a special chemical that evaporates after usage leaving behind zero residue suiting best for sensitive equipment and areas like computers & server rooms that would undergo malfunction if powder based fire extinguishers were used. This special range can extinguish all classes of fire and can be used under any circumstance. It is indeed the most effective all-rounder. Its working action is similar to that of any other fire extinguisher.

  • Classes Covered: ‘A’,‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘Electrical’
  • Capacities Available: 2 KG, 4 KG ; 6 KG ; 9 KG

Modular Fire Extinguishers

This special range requires no human support for its functioning, commonly known as the automatic or modular fire extinguisher, they are used in areas where human movement is very limited and fire at its initial stages cannot be detected. This ceiling mounted fire extinguisher senses the rise in temperature and floods out the content in its entire radius extinguishing the fire. It can either contain the ABC Powder or the Clean Agent depending on the client’s requirements.

  • Classes Covered: ‘A’,‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘Electrical’
  • Capacities Available: 5 KG ; 10 KG

Home & Vehicle Accessories

The places that we spend our maximum time in needs to be safe, hence we have an exclusive light weight fire extinguisher that gives your home and vehicle protection. This particular fire extinguisher is easily portable and can fit in any small space for storage making it ideal in its class.

  • Classes Covered: ‘A’,‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘Electrical’
  • Capacities Available: 0.5 KG ; 1 KG


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