Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Detecting a fire and alarming the environment about it has become very crucial in today’s generation. Human Monitoring is not possible at all times, hence we require a smart and intelligent system that can detect and alarm people that there is a fire. This is where the Fire Alarm & Detection Systems come in to play. Due to the growth in technology, today we can even detect fire in places not visible directly. Guard Fire Services deals with the designing, installation, programming, servicing and maintenance of the fire alarm systems.

Control Panel

The brain of the Fire Alarm System, it controls, monitors and displays the status of all the devices in the entire area. With the help of the control panel we can know exactly where the fire has started. The control panel is of 3 types:

  • Conventional – It is the initial tech in the field of fire alarm, a reliable system that can give orders to its limited devices to alarm the vicinity about fire in a particular area or zone. Depending on the area, the capacity of the panel is decided. Commonly used conventional panels are the 2 zone, 4 zone & 8 zone conventional panels.
  • Analog Addressable – It is the current tech in the field of fire alarm, it is capable of handling a huge area as its each loop can connect up to 200 devices. It is a highly sophisticated system that can alarm the authorities of where exactly the fire has occurred.
  • Intelligent Addressable – It is an advanced form of the analog addressable system. It can handle much larger areas than its counterparts with a response time of under a second. Due to its self mapping ability it can easily locate the region under fire. It can be networked and accessed from distant areas and it also provides a real time feedback on your phone. It can be connected to third party systems as well.

Manual Call Points

It is basically a panic button. During a fire emergency a manual call point is used to alert people nearby that there is a fire. It is connected to the control panel which gives signals to the hooters. It comes in various types some of which are as follows:

  • Break Glass Type – A button is enclosed in a box covered with a glass. It is provided with a hammer which is used to break the glass which then sends signal to the panel.
  • Push Button Type – A centrally located button is pushed to alert and alarm the people about fire.
  • Pull & Release – A lever is pulled and released to alert and alarm the people about fire.

Electronics Hooters/Strobes/Sounders

  • Hooters: They produce a loud hooting noise on receiving signal from the panel in case of fire. The intensity of sound is high enough to alert the entire area it is meant to cover.
  • Strobes: They are used in areas that restrict noise, they produce a large flash which alerts the surrounding of a fire. These are also helpful for the deaf as they cannot hear the loud noise of a hooter. It also comes in a combination of horn cum strobe, which serves both the purposes.
  • Sounders: They are fixed to the ceilings for alerting a small area in case of a fire emergency.

Detectors (Smoke/Heat)

These are intelligent devices that are used to detect fires or smokes arising from a fire. These are one of the automatic devices that require no human support. Their function is to provide primary input signal to the panel, these are of various types depending on what they sense.

  • Smoke Detectors: Fire at its initial state is just smoke and fumes which when detected as early as possible is helpful in subsiding it. Smoke Detectors detect arising smoke and send input signal to the panel that there is a fire.
  • Heat Detectors: These devices are provided with thermistors inside that detect sudden increase in temperature of the surrounding area. On sensing this it sends input signal to the panel that there is a fire.

Public Address Systems

These systems are installed to make announcements about fire. They are used to direct people to evacuate a building from the shortest and the safest possible route. They mainly comprise of devices like MIC, speakers, amplifiers etc.


We deal with all kinds of spares, devices & software’s related to the Fire Alarm Systems. They are certified by Indian & International bodies like UL, CE etc.